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6 animated movies with deep messages you must know

Are cartoons just for kids? Behind the colorful world of cartoon images, we - adults - come across profound messages that make us change our minds and rethink our lives.
Let's take a look at 6 profound animated movies for adults with POPTube!


The animated film from The Pixar House tells the story of a mouse named Remy who dreams of becoming a famous chef. Despite being discouraged by his family, he is determined to go to Paris to pursue his passion.

Here, he helped the young Linguini cook by hiding under a chef's hat and controlling him through his hair. The film is about the strenuous cooking journey of a human and mouse couple while evading the detection of others and ensuring the quality of the food to satisfy culinary critics.

For children, Chef Mouse is an exciting movie about a mouse that can cook. For adults, this is a profound story about passion and the journey to turn dreams into reality.


Is an animated film about a young Viking teenager named Hiccup living on the island of Berk. There, dragon slaying became a part of life that only trained strong warriors could do. With a weak physique, Hiccup could not attend the dragon-slaying training course and was looked down upon by others.

He started working at the weapons smithy and was able to shoot a unique dragon. However, instead of killing the dragon, Hiccup frees it and begins his journey to train the dragon and change the Vikings' minds.

The secret to training dragons conveys many profound messages about living in harmony with nature and animals, as well as bravely fighting and against the wrong prejudices of the community.


This is a stop-motion animated film about a little girl named Coraline who discovers a secret door in her house that leads to another dimension. It is an inverted world where all her problems in the real world are completely secret.

In the end, Coraline still decided to return to the old world - where she once intended to hide - by any means possible. From a child's perspective, Coraline is an interesting movie about a mystical world.

But for adults, Coraline also sends a lesson about appreciating what she has. Life isn't perfect, but there are always great things for everyone.


One of the most famous animated films of the Famous Ghibli studio because of its humanity in content and extremely delicate hand-drawn footage. The film follows a young girl Chihiro and her parents who get lost in an abandoned park.

There, due to her gluttony, her parents were turned into giant pigs. Chihiro sets out on a journey to save her parents in a magical land filled with souls.

What makes Soul Land a cartoon phenomenon is not only an interesting script with unique characters, but also many lessons about kindness, gratitude, and courage on the journey to find happiness and meaning in life.


The film is about a world in which superheroes always have to hide their power and identity from everyone's eyes.

Superman Mr. Incredible is someone who aspires to devote his powers to fighting evil. He is accidentally invited to a secret mission on an island, and from there he realizes, instead of acting alone to regain his lost glory, he needs his family to help him to save the world together. gender.

The super family creates a special attraction through lessons on family affection and how to overcome conflicts.

The film is somewhat comforting and sends encouragement to adults that all difficulties, big or small, can be solved together.

6. UP

Soaring follows a 78-year-old man named Carl Fredricksen and his journey to Paradise Falls following the will of his late wife.

He hung thousands of balloons over his own house and began the flight with Russell, a boy scout who accidentally got stuck on the house during takeoff.

From there, the tragic journey of the two grandchildren began. Soaring is an animated movie that can make even the sharpest hearts cry.

The attraction of the film is not only in Mr. Carl's deep affection for the love of his life but also in the message: it is never too late to follow your dreams.

The film is a sweet tribute to love, as well as a source of motivation for those who are still hesitant and hesitant when standing in front of their life's journey.

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