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7 romantic movies for your perfect date night

Updated: Apr 24

The romantic comedy series has won the hearts of many viewers with its gentle and warm content that is enough to dispel fatigue after a long day. Dreamlike love stories are funny moments, meaningful messages about love that soothe the hearts of millions of fans. Here is a love story that will make your heart sob like the first days of love

1. Ticket To Paradise

A romantic comedy about a divorced couple David and Georgia, who decide to travel through Bali upon learning that their daughter Lyly plans to marry a local she has just met.

Throughout the film are the "fights" and anger of the couple David and Georgia. But, hidden behind those contradictions is the concern, sincerity, and nostalgia that has never been revealed.

2. Silver Linings Playbook

In the world of "crazy" people who love like Pat and Tiffany, two fates carrying a crisis of love, suddenly find each other like a desire to find the "sunshine" that seems to have cooled for a long time.

In Pat and Tiffany's world, romance is expressed through madness and seemingly never-ending quarrels. However, it is also the medicine that soothes Pat's heart and Tiffany's soul.

3. Flipped

The main title is the thought of the Boy Bryce Loski for the girl next door Juli Baker. For Bryce, Juli is the noise, the thorn in the eye and he always wants Juli out of his sight. On the contrary, Juli liked Bryce from the moment he moved into this house and she always thought that Bryce was "debiting" her first kiss.

Through the process of growing up and many different big and small events happening in life, they gradually have different thoughts about each other. Set in the 60s, the film evokes nostalgic and sweet feelings about a bygone youth.

4. The Holiday

The film revolves around the love story of two women who used to only know work. Disappointed in love, Amanda and Iris switch houses, and go on Christmas vacation across the ocean, looking for a fresh start. Perhaps this is a movie dedicated to the last month of the year, so each film appears with a warm, gentle look with a little sweetness of love.

5. A Walk In The Clouds

It is a simple and pure love story. Paul Sutton has just returned from the war, he meets his newlywed wife again and can no longer find a common voice in marriage. Paul is depressed about his marriage, uncertain about the future, and still haunted by the battles of the past.

One day, Paul met Victoria Aragon on a bus and fate brought them together. Most of the film's scene was shot on a winery and winery farm in Naples, California, so it's not surprising that each scene has a dreamy, indescribable beauty.

6. Notting Hill

Notting Hill tells the love story between William - the guy who owns a small bookstore in Notting Hill - and Anna Scott - the glamorous female movie star. On a beautiful day, Anna accidentally entered William's bookstore, the two met and left in each other's hearts indescribable emotions.

The difference in status sometimes makes the couple hesitate and think, will they be happy when they are together? The love story of William and Anna is dreamy and beautiful like many other fairy tales, only, Anna is as brilliant as a princess and William is not a majestic prince. From the very beginning, Anna allowed William to enter her world and then Notting Hill was the place to witness their sublimated and passionate love.

7. Roman Holiday

During her visit, Princess Ann of England met American reporter Joe Bradley during a time out for a walk. That summer, Ann was taken by Joe to visit all over Rome and for the first time experienced things she had never known.

Under the sparkling afternoon sunlight in Rome, Ann and Joe realized that they had feelings for each other ever since. The love scenes between Princess Ann and Joe bring a feeling of suspense mixed with a bit of regret.

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