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All you need to know about Jung Kook's (BTS) debut solo album

JungKook (BTS) is expected to release an album titled Golden on November 3.

"Golden" - a Symbolic Meaning for the BTS Member

Jungkook's debut solo album is called Golden. Also according to the announcement, the album includes 11 songs, inspired by Jungkook's "golden moments" as a solo artist.

Golden is also intended to remind of Jungkook's nickname "golden maknae" (golden youngest) in the group.

The success of the two singles Seven and 3D

Seven (ft. rapper Latto) has consistently topped charts worldwide since its release in July. The track has swept many Korean and international charts, including reaching No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Just a few days ago, Jung Kook released the song 3D in collaboration with rapper and singer Jack Harlow. The catchy R&B hit has captivated listeners globally since its release on September 29 and has earned a top spot on iTunes and Spotify's Global Top 50 playlist ever since.

Sing along with Jung Kook's Seven and 3D on POPTube

If you are a fan of Jung Kook, don't hesitate to download POPTube with the link below!

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