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Best Videos for K-pop Stan this April

New and viral K-pop songs are available. It's time to watch and add to your list!

1/ Flower - Jisoo (BLACKPINK)

2/ Like Crazy - Jimin (BTS)

3/ Cupid - FIFTY FIFTY

4/ Zero - New Jeans

5/ People Pt.2

How to listen to music videos without battery draining

Do you want to listen to you favorite songs with saving mode on POPTube? Read the instruction below!

Step 1: Tap the “Audio” button below the video you’re watching.

Step 2: Take a quick tour of the Audio function:

Step 3: Slide to unlock the Audio function.

Note: due to the limitation of Android, we are not allowed to build Background Player. So, this is one of the most optimal functions for you to use instead. This function is available on both Android and IOS devices.

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