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Celebrate Pride with POPTube! (P.1)

Hey everyone, it's Pride Month, and that means it's time to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community! Watch videos, listen to music and enjoy other LGBTQ+ inspired contents. Be unique, be you.

Music for Every Mood

Born This Way - Lady Gaga

Not only the melody but also the content of Born This Way has touched the hearts of millions of music lovers, turning it into an anthem not only for LGBT people but also for anyone who needs to gain more confidence in themselves.

Beautiful - Christina Aguilera

The MV of the song contains many meaningful messages, including homosexual elements. The lyrics "We are beautiful no matter what they say... We are beautiful in every single way" is an affirmation of the beauty hidden deep in each person's soul. That beauty is not determined by what you wear, what your gender is, or what hairstyle you have.

No Tears Left to Cry - Ariana Grande

With pop sounds combined with electronic melodies, the song is easily addictive, helping people overcome loneliness and isolation. No Tears Left to Cry has a huge impact on the LGBT community around the world.

Heaven - Troye Sivan

In the music video Heaven, Troye Sivan honored those who have devoted themselves to protecting gender equality. The male singer also said that this song was the motivation that helped him overcome the difficulties of publicly announcing his true gender.

The Greatest - Sia

In the MV The Greatest, the female singer sent a message of encouragement and memorial to the victims after the shooting at the Pulse gay club in Orlando.

Celebrate Together!

Head over to POPTube today and start celebrating Pride! Let's show the world our love and acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community.

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