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Essential animated movies you definitely watch now

Go back to childhood with these best-animated movies. It's time to chill and enjoy the good old days!

1. Beauty and the Beast

The film is a beautiful love story of a beautiful, intelligent girl with a liberal, dreamy personality who refuses to be confined to the boring life of Villeneuve and an arrogant, cruel prince who turns into a monster. because of his domineering personality.

While carrying goods to sell with her father, she and her father were attacked by a pack of wild wolves. They both ran away and accidentally got lost in the castle - the monster's residence. Because she accidentally picked a rose in the garden, her father was imprisoned by a monster. Unable to let her father suffer imprisonment, she begged the monster to take her father's place.

2. Frozen

In the land of Arendelle, where an old king has two daughters, the strange thing is that his sister Elsa possesses magical power that can turn everything into ice and snow. One night, while playing with her younger sister, the older sister accidentally hurt her younger sister. But luckily the younger sister was healed. Repenting about that, Elsa not only avoided her sister but also avoided everyone, so most of the time she just lived alone in her room, she was afraid that one day the power would be too great for her. You can control and hurt everyone you love.

Time passed by and they gradually became young women, however, this was also the moment the incident happened. The king and queen had an accident at sea and unfortunately died, so Elsa had to be crowned to rule the kingdom. However, during this time, her younger sister Anna met a trickster prince and argued fiercely with Elsa to marry him. Afraid that her sister would be hurt, Elsa did not agree and the two had a fierce argument. In anger, unable to control herself, Elsa revealed her powers to everyone.

3. Ratatouille

The main character of the movie is none other than the mouse Remy, whose "natural gift" among thousands of other mice is an extremely sensitive sense of smell and taste. Inspired by his idol - chef Auguste Gusteau, Remy wants to become a chef like him.

However, in some incidents happened, Remy - the mouse got lost from the group and wandered to Paris. Here, he was told by the spirit of the ancient chef Gusteau to wait at his restaurant. And the new adventure starts!

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Which animated movies do you like best?

  • Beauty and the beast

  • Frozen

  • Ratatouille

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