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FIFTY FIFTY group profile, the emerging "monster" of Gen 4

FIFTY FIFTY is a South Korean boy band formed by the entertainment company Attrakt. The 4th generation K-pop group (Gen 4) debuted in 2022, the 4-member rookie began to emerge when the song "Cupid" stormed all social networking sites.

Members of FIFTY FIFTY

1. Saena - Full name is Jeong Sehyun.

Saena's position is Leader, main dancer, and sub-rapper. Saena was born and raised in Busan. She participated in the dance competition in KBS 2TV's Dancing High competition, under Hoya's team.

The singer used to be a member of Ho Dance Studio's Horangdoongi dance group and got the nickname Forehead Beauty because of her beauty.

2. Keena - Full name is Song Jakyung.

She holds the position of main Rap, supporting vocals. Keena is an only child and attended Lila Arts High School.

The female singer once participated in GB Academy and featured in the song Take Back My Life, the soundtrack of the movie The Running Mates: Human Rights (Vietnamese title: Human Rights Lawyer).

3. Sio - Full name is Jeong Jiho

She holds the position of Main Vocalist, Sub Dancer of the group. Sio was born in Yeosu, Jeollanam-do Province.

The female singer used to study at Wonkwang Information Arts School but then dropped out because she pursued a singing career.

4. Aran - Full name is Jeong Eunah

She is the youngest member of the group holding the position of Lead Vocalist, Lead Rap. Aran used to study at Seoul Performing Arts School but then dropped out because he was busy with his job as a singer.

Aran is currently studying English and has been revealed to have an aptitude for foreign languages.

FIFTY FIFTY suddenly becoming a "phenomenon" thanks to Cupid

On February 24, 2023, FIFTY FIFTY released their first single called The Beginning: Cupid along with the music video for the title track Cupid.

Cupid is a lamentation about the couple's love story of teenage girls, however, the content is conveyed with witty, charming lyrics, showing the bright, positive. The song has two Korean and English versions, in which, the Korean version was written by Keena, a member of the group.

Cupid's MV also reached 67 million views on Youtube after 3 months of release.

Watch all FIFTY FIFTY MVs on POPTube

If you enjoy listening to FIFTY FIFTY songs, don't hesitate to download POPTube with the link below!

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