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Get to know about Iconic Christmas Songs

Christmas is very close, the immortal Christmas songs are gradually returning and promise to once again stir up the atmosphere this year. Let your hair down with our energetic Christmas songs and remix on POPTube!

Jingle Bell

Jingle Bells is on the list of the most played and replayed songs every Christmas. This timeless Christmas song will help you review old memories but also welcome new things for the coming new year.

We wish you a Merry Christmas

Along with Jingle Bell, "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" is also an immortal Christmas song played around the world at Christmas. The song is heard everywhere to welcome a peaceful Christmas and a happy new year.

Last Christmas

Last Christmas is a Christmas song with synth-pop and dance-pop influences. The song has a gentle, deep melody and is mixed with a bit of sadness about a bad love affair between a boy and a girl at Christmas.

All I Want For Christmas Is You

Every Christmas, this song comes back to sweep the music charts and stir up the Christmas atmosphere everywhere. What makes the song successful is not only the cheerful melody filled with the Christmas atmosphere but also the lyrics like a romantic love song on this holiday.

Santa Tell Me

Appearing in 2014, the song Santa Tell Me by young singer Ariana Grande quickly appeared on the list of Christmas songs with a cheerful and dynamic spirit.

In the song, Grande comfortably shows off her vocal range when dancing on sweet high notes. This year, Santa Tell Me continues to be a Christmas song for young listeners, those who share the same mood of idle anger.


In 2017, the prominent name Sia also joined the trend of making Christmas music with Snowman. This is also the opening single for the brand-new album she composed for Christmas. The song impresses with the Australian female singer's unique voice and melody.

Mistletoe – Justin Bieber

Mistletoe is a Christmas song from young man Justin Bieber. After appearing, Mistletoe quickly entered the rankings of the "hottest" songs during the year-end holidays. Mistletoe has a slow melody, and many familiar sounds bringing a Christmas atmosphere.

Have you chosen your favorite song to rock this Christmas season?

At Christmas, it's great to listen to your favorite Christmas songs in a seamless ad-free experience while decorating your home, shopping for gifts, or gathering with friends and family. Download POPTube using the link below!

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