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Inside Out 2: Revealing information about the movie in the new trailer

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Pixar's animated film Inside Out 2 has a trailer. Let's take a look at the latest information about the movie with POPTube!

Inside Out 2 is the feature-length debut of Kelsey Mann ( Onward ), who has dabbled in many other Pixa projects including Lightyear and The Good Dinosaur. Inside Out 2 is written by Meg LeFauve (Captain Marvel), who returns after writing the original, with producer credit going to Mark Nielsen (Toy Story 4).

Inside Out 2 plot

The movie's sequel trailer is out, marking the continuation of the emotional character Riley's journey since 2015. The 5 emotions living in her brain have gathered together to discuss what's on her mind. Riley's mind sounded a red alarm.

When the melody of the song Crazy Train rang out, the red bell suddenly activated, accompanied by the appearance of a group of blue, green, and purple emotions that began to ravage Riley's mind and declared. Dad, this is "demo day". Everything ended and everyone realized the emergence of a new emotion - "Anxiety".

More trailer on POPTube: Check out to download here!

The cast of Inside Out 2

Stars participating in voicing the animated film Inside Out 2 include

◾ Amy Poehler as Joy.

◾ Phyllis Smith as Sadness.

◾ Lewis Black as Anger.

◾ Tony Hale as Fear.

◾ Liza Lapira as Disgust.

◾ Maya Hawke as Anxiety.

Inside Out 2 showtimes

The film is scheduled to be released in US theaters on June 14, 2024. Movie buffs, what do you think about the above movie? Have you become a fan of the emotions from the first movie? Please comment below to discuss this together!

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