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Jung Kook's "Seven" reached the top 1 of the global Youtube Chart

On July 14, Jung Kook officially released the mv Seven, marking the first solo debut of the youngest BTS member. Joined by American female rapper Latto, the vibrant summer song is out.

Top 1 on Youtube Chart

"Seven" is a unique love song by the handsome male lead played by Jung Kook. Korean actress Han So Hee participated in the MV with the female lead role.

"Seven's lyrics mean being with the one you love all the time. As the title says, from Monday to Sunday, the happiness of being with the love of your life every day will be expressed in this song", Jungkook said about the meaning of the solo song.

On Youtube, MV Seven became the fastest K-pop solo idol MV to reach 1 million likes in history just 29 minutes after its release. As of 4 pm Vietnam time, MV Seven recorded 12.7 million views after 5 hours of release. Seven stayed for a week on Youtube Chart with 105 million views and more than 7.8 million likes on Youtube. Jungkook's first solo debut has completely dominated the global Youtube Chart.

Besides, "Seven" has also occupied the Top 1 of the charts in many major countries including the US, Japan, UK, Germany, France, Canada, Brazil, and Australia. Jung Kook's solo debut will be extended with a quality and well-rounded full album, Seven is just the beginning. With this huge stepping stone, Jung Kook is expected to break more records in the future, worthy of the title of the golden maknae of the global group BTS.

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