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New album of J-hope is coming out!

ARMYs, rejoice! Our golden sunshine, J-Hope, is back with a brand new album, "Hope on the Street Vol. 1," and it's already setting the music world ablaze. This special project, a pre-enlistment gift from Hobi himself, coming out on March 29th, and it's exactly the dose of positivity and fire we all needed.

While details are still a little under wraps, one thing's for sure: "Hope on the Street Vol. 1" promises to be a unique experience. Rumors suggest six electrifying tracks showcasing J-Hope's incredible talent as a rapper, dancer, and all-around musical force.

Whether you're a longtime ARMY or a newfound fan of Hobi's brilliance, this album is a must-listen. Here's why:

  • A Fresh Take from Hobi: We all know and love J-Hope's signature style, but whispers suggest "Hope on the Street Vol. 1" might explore some new sonic territories. Get ready to be surprised (and delighted)!

  • A Pre-Enlistment Gift: This album is a bittersweet reminder of J-Hope's dedication to his fans. It's a chance to hold onto his energy and talent until his return.

  • A Celebration of Dance: J-Hope is renowned for his electrifying dance skills, and you can bet this album will be packed with tracks that get your body moving.

Ready to Dive into "Hope on the Street Vol. 1"?

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your headphones, crank up the volume, and let J-Hope's sunshine illuminate your day with "Hope on the Street Vol. 1." You can also experience the album on POPTube, alongside exclusive K-Pop content and a vibrant community of fans!

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