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OSHI NO KO's opening song reigns 11 weeks in a row on YouTube Chart

Idol is a song by Japanese duo Yoasobi. The song was released as a standalone single on April 12, 2023, through Sony Music Entertainment Japan. The song was chosen as the opening theme song for the TV anime series Oshi no Ko.

Impressive archievement of OSHI NO KO

An accompanying animated music video of Idol was first premiered on Yoasobi's YouTube channel. After only one month of premiere, the mv surpassed 100 million views on May 18. Currently, the mv has reached 224. million views after only 12 weeks of release and still in YouTube's Top 100 Global Music Videos list.

The song first debuted on the Billboard Global Excel chart. US on April 22, 2023, was at number 135 within two days of tracking and reached the top 10 at number five the following week. After releasing the English version and staying in the top 10 for 6 weeks, the English version "Idol" rose to the top of Global Excl. US, becoming the first original Japanese song to reach this milestone. Elsewhere, the song also entered the national charts of Singapore and South Korea, as well as the Hits of the World charts of Hong Kong, Malaysia and Taiwan.

In its home country of Japan, Idol has dominated the Billboard Japan Hot 100 for 8 consecutive weeks, surpassing 100 million streams on Oricon in just 5 weeks and is the fastest song in history.

Music critic Tokuriki Motohiko commented that the song "has the potential to be a huge step forward for the Japanese music industry in that it saw the world clearly from the start and was successful".

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