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"Price Is Right" contestant injures himself while celebrating victory

Updated: Apr 24

An over-excited contestant on The Price Is Right dislocated her shoulder on Thursday while celebrating winning a game called "Bonkers".

The player, named Henry, was so excited to win the game that when he threw five punches in the air, he injured himself.

Host Drew Carey then explained what had happened to the audience, announcing that Henry would not be able to spin the wheel on his own due to an injury. Fortunately for Henry, his wife Alice was able to take his place and spin the giant wheel.

Carey said: "Henry was celebrating and went 'Woo' when he dislocated his shoulder. So he won't be able to spin the wheel, but Alice will spin the wheel for him."

Alice spins the landing wheel at number 95, taking him into the Showcase Showdown. Henry was seen cheering with one hand this time, chanting "Woo!" while Carey advises Alice to "be careful" when celebrating.

During the Showcase Showdown round, Henry won a vacation in Hawaii. The caption of an updated Instagram post lets followers know that Henry is indeed "feeling better and now fully healed" following his unimaginable injury, which serves as a reminder to all. both of us that when it comes to celebrating a big win, maybe a light punch is all it takes.

Fans love Henry's excitement despite his unfortunate accident.

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