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Riverdale The Final Season - What You Gotta Know

Riverdale - a popular mysterious teen series is going to the end after 6 years. Watch 'Goodbye Riverdale' on August 2023.

Riverdale - Season 7: Episode list

Episode 1: Honey, Don't Worry

Episode 2: Hide, jump and bang

Episode 3: Sex Education

Episode 4: Love and Marriage

Episode 5: Tales in the Neck Veins

Episode 6: The Peeping Show

Episode 7: Evil Dance

Episode 8: Basketball Dream

Episode 9: Betty and Veronica's Double Announcement

Episode 10: American Graffiti

Episode 11: Halloween II

Episode 12: After the Fall

Episode 13: Lo Luyen Play

Episode 14: Musical Archie

Episode 15: Teenage Miss Riverdale

Episode 16: Porn

Episode 17: Another Kind of Cat

Episode 18: For a Better Tomorrow

Episode 19: The Golden Age of Television

Episode 20: Goodbye Riverdale

Following the ending of season 6, season 7 finds Jughead Jones trapped in the 1950s. He doesn't know how he got there, nor how to get back to the present. His friends aren't helping, as they're living seemingly authentic lives, similar to their classic Archie Comics counterparts, unaware that they've been anywhere but the 1950s. Can Jughead and his gang return to the present? Or will our characters be stuck in the 1950s forever? And, if that a bad thing?

Riverdale Recap: What to remember before the final of the series

Riverdale Season 1: Opening with the sudden death of high school student Jason Blossom, the whole town went into chaos. Secrets are revealed one by one. In this small town, anyone can be a murderer…

Riverdale Season 2: After disaster strikes the family, Archie almost breaks down. His peaceful life turns into a nightmare as he grapples with an obsession with revenge.

Riverdale Season 3: Immediately after the fraught political battle, the town of Riverdale remains heavily divided and Archie prepares for the great fight of his life.

Riverdale Season 4: Bold adventure mixed with creepy dark colors as Riverdale sinks into unprecedented pain and the group prepares for the ultimate challenge: senior year.

Riverdale Season 5: As the senior year draws to a close, Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead navigate love, lust, loyalty - and even more mystery and chaos.

Riverdale Season 6: Darkness stretches out endlessly as Archie, Betty, Cheryl, Veronica and Jughead face a new season and uncertain future in their humble but haunted town.

Where can you watch the 6 seasons of Riverdale?

Are you nostalgic for the past seasons? Don't worry! POPTube is now home to all previous Riverdale seasons. You can relive the early days when Archie had to find Jason Blossom's killer or join the hunt for The Black Hood in Season 3.

Download POPTube with the link below!

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