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Saw XI - Will a sequel to the Saw horror franchise be produced?

After Saw X was released in theaters around the world, questions about the sequel were always a topic. Especially for a movie in a franchise like Saw.

Things to know about the Saw movie franchise

The Saw horror film franchise was created by producers James Wan and Leigh Whannell. The first film was released in 2004 called Saw, opening the door for 9 sequels to be made.

The film's content revolves around serial killer John "Jigsaw" Kramer, who punishes his victims by forcing them to participate in crazy and extremely brutal games. Strange traps are created that torture both the body and mind of the player.

Saw has become a beloved film franchise and is among the highest-grossing horror series of all time.

The chances of Saw XI being produced

The character Cecilia chooses to kill her boyfriend to survive the Burning Gas Chamber Trap. What will she do next? Will he carry out another plot to get revenge continue to search for the money and then delve deeper into the deadly games once again with John Kramer?

Diego is also the one who overcame the challenge and kept his life, he can also join Cecilia in the story in the future. And there are a number of other plot points that a sequel could explore.

The Direct, director of Saw X - Kevin Greutert shared about whether or not there will be Saw XI. And the answer is yes if Saw X makes a lot of money, the company will continue with the new part.

New updates about the Saw movie franchise

Whether there will be Saw XI or not still needs more time to be confirmed. What do you think about this issue? Rewatch the previous 10 parts of Saw with no ads, and download POPTube now!

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