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Squid Game Season 2: Gear Up for a Wild Return!

Did you spend your weekend glued to the screen, frantically watching every episode of Squid Game? If you're anything like the rest of us, you're probably chomping at the bit for Season 2. Well, buckle up, because it's officially happening on streaming platforms later in 2024!

While Netflix is keeping the exact release date under wraps, we can expect Gi-Hun and the other survivors to return sometime in the latter half of the year. Filming wrapped in 2023, and with the intense social commentary and mind-blowing twists the first season delivered, we know the wait will definitely be worth it.

What can we expect in Season 2?

While details are scarce, rumors point to Gi-Hun seeking revenge on the masked masterminds behind the games. Will he take down the entire operation, or get sucked back into the deadly competition? There's also talk of introducing a whole new set of players, each with their own desperate reasons for joining the games.

Don't miss out on the ultimate binge!

Mark your calendars, Squid Game fans! Follow POPTube for all the latest updates and teasers. In the meantime, dust off your favorite tracksuit and rewatch Season 1 to catch all the hidden clues.

What are your theories for Season 2? Share them in the comments below!

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