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Succession Season 4 - Everything you need to Know

Everything you need to know about the amazing movie "Succession" and its 4th season.

How many episodes are in season 4?

There are 10 episodes in "Succession" season 4. And here is the schedule:

Episode 1, "The Munsters": Sunday, March 26

Episode 2, "Rehearsal": Sunday, April 2

Episode 3, "Connor's Wedding": Sunday, April 9

Episode 4, "Honeymoon States": Sunday, April 16

Episode 5: "Kill List": Sunday, April 23

Episode 6: Sunday, April 30

Episode 7: Sunday, May 7

Episode 8: Sunday, May 14

Episode 9: Sunday, May 21

Episode 10 (series finale): Sunday, May 28.

New released trailer of Succession Season 4

HBO Max has just released a mid-season trailer of Succession. When Logan's ass isn't even cold in the mid-season teaser, everyone is fighting for his position. Greg says, "I am sad," expressing his sadness, while Shiv engages in flirty-flirty tipsy behavior with Lukas Matsson. Karl presents a strong case for why Tom shouldn't be the company's leader. Before the series end, each character gets the opportunity to stab the other in the back.

Before episode 4 airs on April 16

SPOIL ALERT! This video will review, analyze episode 3, and also, give us the theories and predictions for episode 4.

New update about Succession Season 4

Watch all news about Succession season 4 will be updated on HBO Max. If you want to watch with an ad-free version, get POPTube now!

POPTube is available on all devices. Click the link below to download.

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