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Super hot September movies to watch

September promises to be an exciting and exciting month with action and dramatic blockbusters that will officially appear on the big screen. POPTube will review the list of notable movies that will be released here!

6 movies you must watch this September

1. Concrete Utopia

Based on the webtoon Pleasant Bullying by Kim Soong Nyung, this drama is set in Seoul. The film is slated to release on September 1.

A massive earthquake caused skyscrapers and residential areas in Seoul to collapse. In the middle of the cold winter, only the Imperial Palace apartment building (Royal Palace) remained standing, becoming the only shelter for those who were still alive. As food became scarce and violence increased amid the devastation, the actual residents of the apartment building had to stand up to protect their homes from the risk of other homeless people entering.

2. Ransomed

Inspired by a true event, a diplomat was kidnapped for the first time in Korean history. Ransomed around the journey to rescue the missing colleague of diplomat Min-jun (played by Ha Jung-woo) and taxi driver Pan-su (played by Ju Ji-hoon) in Beirut, Lebanon in 1986.

The movie in theaters in September 2023 will be the choice for those who like Korean movies in the action genre.

3. The Equalizer 3

The Equalizer 3 is scheduled to premiere on September 1 and revolves around the story of character Robert McCall who moves to the south of Italy but discovers his friends are controlled by a local mafia organization.

When their lives are threatened, he is forced to return to the path of assassins to protect his friends.

4. Retribution

Matt Turner (Liam Neeson) is a successful American businessman living in Berlin, balancing a booming financial career and family responsibilities.

One morning while driving his children to school, Matt received a phone call from a mysterious voice: His car is bombed, and the bomb will explode unless he completes a series of tasks. Specific and quick service.

Trapped in a high-speed chase across the city, Matt must follow the increasingly dangerous instructions of the "stranger" in a race against time to protect his family and find answers to his questions.

The mystery is going on. The film opens in theaters nationwide on September 15.

5. Expend4bles

Expend4ables is the sequel to Expendables 3 (2014) and also the fourth film in the Expendables series. The new part will continue to follow the special team as the group carries out new tasks, this time to stop terrorist boss Suarto with his plot to smuggle nuclear weapons and incite war between the two factions Russia and the US.

In this September 2023 movie, "Old Tendon" Sylvester Stallone will return to the film in a special role, leaving the "halo" of the central character to Jason Statham as Lee Christmas. This time, Lee will be the one to lead the squad to carry out the dangerous missions ahead.

6. The Creator

The Creator is a Hollywood blockbuster revolving around the war between humanity and AI will be released on September 29.

Ten years after a nuclear bomb incident caused by artificial intelligence, humans set up an elite force to Search and destroy all kinds of intelligent machines worldwide. However, at this point, they also began to evolve in an unthinkable way.

Don't forget to update movie showtimes on POPTube!

Come with your family, relatives, and friends to schedule a visit to the cinema so that you can immerse yourself in the special movie atmosphere in September.

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