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The most thrilling horror movies for the 2023 Halloween season

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

If you are looking for spooky movies with a series of fascinating details and hidden layers of human meaning, below are 5 movies you can definitely watch this Halloween!


Get Out is the horror debut of director Jordan Peele. The film is like a breath of fresh air for the audience when it first brings the issue of racism into a horror work.

The film is a thrilling story revolving around the character Chris Washington and his journey to escape from the terrifying plot of the Armitage family. He has a white girlfriend named Rose Armitage. After a few months of dating, she decided to bring him home to meet her family. The difference in skin color made Chris hesitant before meeting his girlfriend's parents. But everything that happened was completely contrary to his initial fears. Although he received an extremely warm welcome from Rose's family, in his heart, the black boy still felt that behind these happy faces, there was a hidden secret.

Get Out is truly a strong blow to the painful problem of racism in modern American society. With director Jordan Peele's ingenious and satirical storytelling, the film is truly a new breakthrough for horror films in Hollywood.

2. US

Us is an American horror film directed by writer and producer Jordan Peele, who was behind the famous work Get Out. The film was widely released by Universal Pictures in American theaters on March 22, 2019.

The film tells the story of the struggle for survival of couple Adelaide and Gabe and their two young children against attacks from strange clones identical to each family member. They always seek to pursue and destroy the original version. During their escape, the Wilson family also faced many threats from larger-scale entities.


It: Chapter One is an American supernatural horror film released in 2017 by director Andy Muschietti. This is also the first part in the two-part It film series based on the novel of the same name by writer Stephen King.

The film revolves around the friendship of seven children in the group The Loser living in Maine (USA) and their journey to discover and destroy an alien entity with many supernatural powers named It - often appearing in pictures. Pennywise clown form. According to the novel, It is an evil entity that can change shape and transform into any creature it wants. It often chooses innocent people as its prey because it is easy to psychologically manipulate. Therefore, It always wants to "play" with the children. This creature has a certain hibernation cycle. Every time you wake up, a series of terrible tragedies will happen.

Gathering the quintessence of the horror genre such as zombies, headless people, dolls, dolls... Throughout the movie, there will be Pennywise's ultimate scares with the characters and the audience. Although it belongs to the horror genre, the movie "It" actually contains many meaningful messages about pain, obsession, traumatic adulthood, children's friendship, and their journey to overcome fear. each person.


After a great victory in all aspects and many positive comments from film critics of It: Chapter One, The Loser group continued to return to the big screen with It: Chapter Two in 2019.

If in part one, the film focused on the characters when they were children and was set in the past, then in part two, the children are now adults, and at the same time, the film will focus on events taking place in the present and be based on flashbacks.

Set 27 years after the first episode, this is when the nightmares begin to return. This time, Pennywise has recovered in a stronger state and continuously causes horrifying tragedies in Derry, forcing The Loser group to reunite and once again confront this creature.


Pearl is a prequel to the movie X (2022). The film revolves around the life of Pearl before she became a brutal killer. Set in 1918, when the Spanish flu pandemic was raging across America. Pearl comes from a family of German immigrants, living with her paralyzed father and under the strict supervision of her devout mother on an isolated farm outside the city.

Attracted by the luxurious life of the upper class and the splendor of the movie world, Pearl believes that the farm has never been a place worthy of a special person like her, she always yearns for wealth and prosperity.

Family tragedy, resentment of life, and conflicts between dreams and reality contributed to Pearl's extreme selfishness and subsequent brutal behavior. The scary scenes in the movie have also made Pearl known as the most haunting silver screen villain of 2022.

Which spooky journey will you choose to watch this Halloween?

If you plan to spend time relaxing at home during the upcoming busy Halloween holiday, here is a list of movies to make your Halloween night more complete.

Time to watch...

  • Get Out

  • Us

  • IT Chapter 1

  • IT Chapter 2

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