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Upgrade your video player with the "Audio" function

Are you too tired of charging your phone only to listen and not watch videos? The Audio feature of POPTube can make your day.

About Audio Function on POPTube

For users who use Android devices, the background player is not supported due to the policy of the system.

POPTube values both Android's policy and our user experience; that's the reason why Audio function is published.

In this Audio function, you can use the same function as a video player, yet, save battery while listening to music, podcasts, shows, and more.

How to use "Audio"

To use this function properly, follow the instructions below!

Step 1: Tap the “Audio” button below the video you’re watching:

Step 2: Take a quick tour of the Audio function:

Select “Lock” to use the saving-mode function, you also unlock it by pressing the button in 3 seconds.

You can also adjust the video speed, set the time to pause the video, and select the option to play videos.

Step 3: Slide to unlock the Audio function.

Let's find out more features on POPTube. Leave feedback, or direct us message about your review while using the app. We are trying to update more functions and stability of the app.

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