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V releases the first solo album "Layover" in September

On the upcoming September 8, BTS has a remarkable event when member V will officially release a solo album called "Layover".

V BTS's solo album "Layover" is about...

V BTS's album "Layover" is not only diverse but also full of originality. R&B songs have surpassed the boundaries of time, bringing a sense of fascination and impression.

In particular, one of the songs was inspired by the 70s, creating a romantic and accessible space, recalling the memories of the old years.

6 songs of "Layover"

The album promises to bring unique and emotional music experiences with a total of 6 tracks, including 5 special bonus tracks and songs.

1. Slow Dancing

The album's title track, "Slow Dancing", promises to dazzle listeners with its 70s romantic style. With a subtle mix of music and emotional lyrics, this song is sure to be a hit. sure to bring listeners into a comfortable, free, and warm space.

2. Rainy Days

V's voice blends beautifully with white noise from everyday life, shaking listeners' hearts.

3. Blue

An homage to the old-school R&B genre with a modern twist, making the song special and captivating.

4. Love Me Again

"Love Me Again" with V's signature Baritone deep voice brings listeners into a long-lasting, captivating, and passionate space.

5. For Us

As a Pop R&B song that leaves a lingering aftertaste for the album, this is the epilogue ending the album, evoking deep emotions with V's unique lyrics and timbre.

6. Slow Dancing (Piano Ver)

As a bonus track, this is a piano arrangement of the title song "Slow Dancing" that brings a different charm compared to the original version.

Are you looking forward to BTS V's solo album "Layover"?

If you love listening to V BTS songs and watching his performances, POPTube is a great app for you to do it. Download POPTube with the link below!

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