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Watch April Fool's Day Video

April Fool's Day is almost here, the one day of the year where a little harmless trickery is not only expected, but encouraged! If you're looking for some inspiration to prank your friends and family (or just want a good laugh), then look no further! In this blog, we'll be diving into some hilarious April Fool's Day videos that will have you giggling uncontrollably.

Warning: Some of these pranks are next-level, so please don't attempt them at home unless you're prepared for some serious payback!

Classic Pranks with a Modern Twist

Celebrity Shenanigans

Office Antics

Looking for Even More Laughs?

Head over to POPTube, the app where laughter is king! With a never-ending stream of funny videos, pranks, challenges, and more, POPTube is the perfect place to find your daily dose of humor.

Download POPTube today and join the millions of users already laughing their way through the day!

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